Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poison oak and computer woes

So I haven't written in a while, mainly because I've been busy at work actually working. I couldn't do a blog entry from home because my computer currently does not have a working power cord. This leads me into my first story...

So Bryan's power cords for his laptop are always breaking...whether it's from Macie chewing on them or just bad luck, he's had to order two new ones so far in the last six months. Due to the fact that his computer was not working, he was using mine for his latest onslaught of seminary papers and church work. Then, low-and-behold, my laptop stops working! We took it in to Best Buy to see if the Geek Squad could figure out the problem, and they determined it was the power cord, and told us to call HP and get a new one (since the computer is still under its 1-year warranty). I called the 800 number he gave me and spent the next 22 minutes being transferred back and forth between the workers at the HP call center in India, who barely spoke English. I was so frustrated from being on hold for so long that I hung up. I was also annoyed with how the girl on the other end kept saying "powfect" after I answered a question. A couple of hours later, they called me back and needed to "diagnose the problem" before they would send me my free cord. I told them Best Buy already told me what the problem was, but they still made me go through all these steps of plugging in the cord, checking the battery and other no-brainers you do...treating ME like the idiot.
Bryan kept telling me to get off the phone and just pay $10 for the cord, but IT WAS THE PRINCIPAL of the free cord that mattered to me! So after another 21 minutes of answering questions, being on hold and transferring through all these departments, I finally got the guy to send me a FREE cord. What an ordeal.

The next story is about my poison oak. Last Sunday night (May 3), Bryan and Macie came in from a walk around our property, and I petted under Macie's chin when she came to say hello to me on the couch. I woke up Monday morning itching the same hand I had petted her with, and was surprised to find a rash accumulating on my shoulders as well. I jumped out of bed, showered, pulled a resistant Macie into the shower too to be scrubbed down, and then disrupted Bryan's slumber by extracting all of the sheets and blankets off the bed for washing. I know how poison oak works, since my mom is crazily allergic to it. I needed to get rid of the oil on Macie, and anything she had touched. Problem was, I had to go to work, and didn't have time to give the entire house a thorough cleaning until the next Saturday. On Tuesday I bought some Calamine lotion, and tried to tough it out, popping some Claratin every morning. It got worse and spread. This is why there are no photos with this entry because it wasn't pretty. I was wearing gloves to work, and finally I went to the doctor, where she suggested taking Zyrtec, Benetryl, and the prescription steroid cream. Finally, nine days after the first outbreak, the itching is subsiding and I am not as miserable. So the moral of this story is go to the doctor right away...don't try to be a hero like me. Poison oak will always win.


Tinseth Family said...

Jones just had poison oak last week, too. Doctors thought it was allergies at first, then switched to poison oak. Got the cream and it went away. But he did get teased at school because the other 3rd graders thought he was wearing his mommy's makeup. He survived though - makes him tougher. Hope you are feeling better, too.:)

Family of 5 said...

OH what a week for you guys! Sounds like you've had it! Maybe you need a vacation! :) Glad you got everything under control now! :)