Saturday, June 20, 2009

CV graduation

So these photos are a bit old, but I was expecting Bryan to blog about this and he never did, so I am. On June 8, Bryan and I attended the Crescent Valley High School graduation in Corvallis, where all of our high school students go to school. We had three students graduating: Esther Ha, Michael Kang and Chanho Park. Below is a photo of Esther and her sibs Daniel (sophomore) and Eunice (collegeish age). This is a typical portrait of their family - with them goofing off. Right as I was taking the photo, Esther nailed Daniel in the stomach and both of them were laughing. Esther went to AZ with us last year and will be heading of for DTS in Switzerland in early July. She is awesome, and has grown so much over the past three years I have known her. I have high expectations for her future and am proud that she made it to graduation day! Above is Daniel and Michael sharing a laugh together after graduation. Both of these guys are in AZ right now on our mission trip. I am currently sitting in the Phoenix Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Page.
Below is Chanho and Jessica. Jessica is also in AZ for her second trip. Esther and Sun. Me and my girls: Veronica, Jane, Angela, Esther, Sun and Jessica.

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