Monday, June 8, 2009

G.G.'s funeral

My great grandma always loved Memorial Day. She was a stickler for making sure that her husband Jack's grave was always decorated with flowers and an American Flag on the special day. Over the past few years she has been too sick to go out on Memorial Day, but just last year on that day, I took my brother and cousins out to Grandpa Jack's grave to mke sure he had his flag (as seen on my blog entry one year ago!). Because of my great-grandma's reverence for Memorial Day, it was only fitting that she passed away May 25, on that holiday this year.
When I first found out about her passing, I grieved because I always hoped my children would know their great-great grandmother, as I had known mine. Leading up to her funeral, I recalled how much I had cried at my great-grandpa Jack's funeral when my mom struggled through a song in his honor. It's tough seeing your own mother cry. I was only 10 then, so I was hoping the extra 15 years would give me something to stand behind. The Wednesday before the funeral, I went over to my grandma's house to help her with the obituary and to find photos for the slideshow. It was a quietly healing time seeing how gracefully my grandmother was dealing with the death of her mother. My great grandma was at peace when she died, and I think that left my grandma at peace as well. We flipped through hundreds of photos from GG's past, and my grandma could name almost everyone in each photo.
At the memorial service, I shed a few tears, and once again, my mom sang. This time she made it through without falter and it seemed a smoother experience than 15 years prior. I loved my great grandma and will miss seeing her at family events, but she lived for over 93 years and she lived fully. She loved the Lord and I will see her again someday and for that, I am thankful. Ida "Clarice" Shrewsbury is in heaven, and that's all the peace I need.
Here are some photos from the graveside ceremony. Below is my uncle Jeff and his son JJ. Here is my cousin Aiden with his crazy lion hair. Here is my mom and two of her cousins. This is my littlest cousin Irelan holding by bro steven's hand walking back from the graveside. Uncle Al and steven. Mom and Steven sang and played at the graveside.

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BrownTown said...

Lol Charissa. Not about the funeral obviously, but about your comments on the books. Now that I think of it...I think I remember you reading "Scarlett" back in the day during soccer season? I thought that book was really bad though. Thanks for the input. I hope things are going well. P.s. congrats to your church's softball team. :(