Thursday, February 18, 2010

A snowflake and a sunbeam

Since the kids get so many days off of school (it's a bit ridiculous!), we decided not to sit around at home and waste away President's Day (last monday). We took Sun, Minsu and Lauren up to Salem, where we borrowed my parents' van (thanks!) and took Shane, Siera and the rest of the crew up to the mountains for a snow day. We packed a lunch and grabbed some tubes from good old Salem Heights and were on our way! Monday was a bit gloomy in the valley, but up on the mountain, it was blue sky and actually warm. This made for very easy driving (no chains needed!), along with very hard snow. Shane and Siera had some trouble staying on their tube!Minsu about to fly off his tube...Lauren...happy until she took a face full of snow.Random boy watching me get snow sprayed in my face.Everyone tubed down the hill and threw ice balls at each other, until we were too tired to do it anymore. Sun had been avoiding the snowball rights all day, but in the end, she got nailed in the eyeball by Bryan. Bryan did a lot of snowball throwing -- which really isn't fair because he throws so much harder than us! He also rubbed snow in our faces! I'm not going to say I didn't throw any snowballs, but come on! Once, Siera made the poor choice to throw a snowball at Bryan. She paid the price below, as you can see Bryan has trapped her as Shane chuckles in the background.Then Shane decided to be heroic.And now Shane is suffering the consequences while Siera laughs.
And Siera starts the whole cycle over again, shoving snow in Bryan's face while he is preoccupied. Shane was the biggest daredevil in the group, going off the jumps that none of us dared to for the reasons shown below.Neither of these jumps ended well for the frog man. This jump, on the other hand was's the first shot....And the landing face-first into the tube....(doesn't his hat look like Peter Pan's???)And the recovery...except he looks like he's swimming here (breath and all). Sierra and Lauren were the queens of wipeouts and Sun was the queen of midget snowman sculpting.We had a good time, and it was fun to make a memory with our new family and old family and Sun (who thinks she is in our family).


BrownTown said...

You got some great action shots!

Samantha is.. said...

I love the shots of Shane. Hilarious! :)