Thursday, October 14, 2010

Half-way done, believe it or not!

Today I hit 20 weeks of pregnancy! I also decided it was time to take a belly shot, but I have to admit, they are pretty pathetic (see below). I think this one shows how much wider I am getting, but it's not much, I will admit. I am definitely feeling it though!
For everyone who needs more proof that I really am pregnant, here's the latest ultrasound...
The technician thought it was a girl, but she was moving around so much that we had a hard time getting a really good look. For now, we are going with girl and my mother in law has already been out shopping! Oh boy, so it begins! Please be praying for our little one, as the ultrasound (taken 10-6-10) showed some small white spots of calcification on the heart and lungs, which could mean many things, but we will check up on her again next month. God is in control, and there's nothing we can do but trust in Him. Sidenote: this baby is very active. Yesterday it took three nurses and our OB about half an hour just to get her heartrate because she moves around so much! I can see her rolling around in my stomach, and Bryan has gotten to feel her move too! The only bad part is I never get any sleep!!!

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paulashley said...

I've gotta say, my first thought on seeing the ultrasound, before reading the post, was "girl". Not that that really means anything :)
With Briella I loved having her move and knowing I was watching my baby as my tummy did all sort of weird dips and bulges - although it did kind of make me think of aliens haha. The movements always seemed more exaggerated in the bath, have you experienced that yet?
It's scary to have them tell you there even might be problems. We will be praying for you guys and for baby's health. You're right; God knows and is in control no matter what the results are.