Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrating full bellies

After 2 doctor visits without weight gain, we have now figured out how to fill up the baby! Luckily, Cayden loves milk in any form, whether it's mine or formula, so now she is much happier and actually slept in her bed last night! This is what she wears to bed to keep her warm (our room never gets warm!). It's a little big for her, but it still does the trick and it's pretty cute.
In other news, Cayden does not enjoy belly time....but Macie makes sure she is safe! This was before she got mad.
Macie kisses.
And a wink for all of you!
Love the crazy after-bath hair!

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paulashley said...

We had to switch to formula too with Briella- kind of hard emotionally (for me at least), but she was SO much happier it was totally worth it :) Good job getting that figured you!