Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I need to remember to treasure the little things.
It's the little things that make up my day. Today she powered through a trip to Winco without even a little impatience. I had to sneak the goldfish into the cart behind her back so she wouldn't get mad she could only snack on banana nut cheerios. Those ended up on the floor in the checkout line, but luckily there was a sweeper guy coming by and he cleaned up for us. He looked at Cayden and asked, "Did you do this?" She instantly smiled her best smile and let out a giggle. Such a charmer. I love that she loves everyone. She's generous with her smile and has started giving kisses (so far only to family members).

They aren't really kisses...she just kinda puts her face close to yours and waits. If you return the favor and finish the job, she usually head butts you for more. So sweet.
She has taken a liking to the hose outside. The sprinkler, not so much. She's all about the hose.
She likes to control the cool swirls that make puddles at her feet.
And she really likes to drink from the hose, ending with a refreshing sigh of "AHHH!"

Even when the sun has set and the shivering has set in, she wants to keep playing with daddy and a cooler full of water.
She ate her first peanut butter AND JELLY sandwich today. It was only a quarter of a sandwich. She took 3 bites. And promptly ate a bowl full of frozen blueberries...

It's the little things.

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