Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Updates all around

We had a WIC appointment yesterday, which is awesome because:
1. Farmer's Market Vouchers!
2. Getting Cayden's latest digits!
The lady said she's had a growth spurt since her last appointment...
This came at no surprise as she has started hitting her head on 
pieces of furniture that towered above her in the past.
 She has grown 1.5 inches in the last 3 months and gained just less than 2 pounds. 
At 15 1/2 months, she has 12 teeth and wears size 5 shoes. 
Cayden loves blueberries, crackers, bubbles, birds, pens, eating crayons, playing outside and the hose.
Names she can say: "Daddy," "Mama," "Papa" (Grandpa/Grandma), "Steee" (Uncle Steve), "Dougie" (Douglas), and differing renditions of "Carrie" for Aunt Carrie.
Words she can say: "Bubble" (referring to many things including balloons, water, and actual bubbles), "bir" (bird), "baa" (ball/bath), "chee" (cheese), "didi" (binky)   
 She's also started making friends he own she is with Isla getting some help at the playground while Daddy plays softball. Cayden is pretty brave, going up the stairs and down the slide by herself, after Isla showed her how.
In other news, I have a surgery date scheduled! I talked with my surgeon right before we left for Disney Land and he explained everything and told me I should wait a week, talk with my family, and then if I still want to do the surgery, call and schedule it. He make it clear that I was going to have quite the scar after the surgery and that scared me a little bit, but it's really just a vanity issue and I'm at peace with it now. I could take the radioactive iodine pill and never have to worry about a scar (which is what most people in my situation do), but as I've explained before, that means waiting another year from NOW to get pregnant, so basically 2 years 'til Cayden could have a little brother or sister. I don't want to wait that long, and if I have to live with a scar to have another baby sooner, I can do that.

Surgery Date: August 16, 2012.

My surgeon suggested getting family pictures before the surgery because my scar will be pretty anyone know any good photographers who will cut me a deal on family photos in early August?

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A & K Finch said...

Where will your scar be if I can ask you that? How long is recovery? What will they be taking out again? I am glad that you are doing this and helping your health! You will look beautiful Charissa no matter what!!! I am thankful the Lord has given you and your family this supportive doctor and to talk with you about these issues!!! I will be praying as the time draws near, on the date, and afterwards! -Kathleen