Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Bernard Drive-in, family pics and Kylie's Bday

We made an awesome discovery this summer....we got a fire pit and (when the sun went down) we projected "Thor" onto the side of our house. 
I think the whole city could see it over our fence, but it was awesome! 
Although the heat from the fire pit left a large brown circle of dead grass in the middle of my back yard.
But it was worth it! 
On a different note, our friend, Andy, offered to take family pictures for us, which was so fun. 
 We met and had dinner with Andy and his family at their house and then went to the park to take pics.
 Didn't he do a great job?

 Last Sunday, Cayden and I skipped church and went to my Ullman/Elliott family reunion in Dallas. 
Cayden got to play with her 3rd cousin, Jamin.
 My cousin's husband and son.
 We went to Butterfly Falls...
 Here are three of my cousins (above: James and Evan), (below: JJ and Evan).
 Below, my mom and Cayden splashing in the was hot!
 My uncle and cousin, Emma
 Walking back from Butterfly Falls, I caught these boys 
(except for the kid on the far left, all of them are my cousins).
 On Tuesday, Cayden got to hang out with her cousin, Blake, at Grandma Bernard's house.

This is her sharing her bubbles with Blake.

 Great Grandma and Grandpa came by to say hi.
 Great Grandpa's hands
 Wednesday was Kylie's Second Birthday and we had a fun time at the park celebrating. 
 This is Kylie's cousin Miles helping her put on her shoes.
 Kylie and Cayden

 Kylie loves Bryan.

 There's the birthday girl, blowing out her candle.
 This is just a random pic taken this week.
 Our first garden is still plugging along, and Cayden eats most of the harvest. 
Today she was all about the peas fresh from the pods.

It is so fun to teach her to eat healthy, fun things from the garden!

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