Sunday, July 29, 2012

Camping, water fun and softball

July is about to end and we've been busy! 
Bryan helped his dad re-roofing his house....

 While they were roofing, Isla and Cayden and I went on a walk to the park 
while Kari finished packing for their vacation! 

On the way, I asked Isla to translate Cayden's babbling. The only word she could decipher was, "Happy, happy, happy..."
 We took a few of our college students with us up to Portland 
to visit Daryl and Ryan (who both just graduated from OSU). 
We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and tried out a new, weird ice cream parlor, Salt Straw. cousin, Blake, got married! 
I now have another cousin named Lindsay Adamson! 
Blake's bride (Lindsay Blackman) and sister (Lindsay Adamson)'s names 
are only different now in their middle names!
 My brothers just can't smile for a picture without making some weird face. They look like twins! 
 Blake accidentally ripped her dress when he lifted her up! Oops!
 Blake's parents, my aunt Kelley and Uncle Dave.
 My dad and his two sisters!
 Cayden also enjoyed her first tent camping experience this past week, in Florence at Honeyman State Park. Bryan took 22 youth group kids there for 3 nights.....we only stayed for one. And that was enough, believe me! Too many things Cayden can get into at a camp site!

She did love the tent though!
 Here's some of the kids canoeing and playing in the was beautiful weather!
This is Cayden at last year's camping trip, trying on the life jacket! 
And Cayden this year in the life jacket!

 The boys were mean and threw all the girls in the lake. 
Of course, they didn't dare try to get me.
 I'm too scary.
 Cayden playing with Sun...
 We hurried back on Monday night to get to Grandpa Bernard's birthday party back in Salem.
 And on Friday night, I was busy playing softball in Salem, and came home to this on the side of my house! 
We had about 15 kids from church over to watch the Olympics opening ceremonies! 
It was great!
 We also went to Bryan's softball games a couple of weeks ago...
 And Cayden's little twinsie, Eden was there too! Bryan's team is sponsored by LimeBerry (a frozen yogurt place owned by our friends). The girls make cute mascots! These two are 6 months apart in age!
 So sweet.
 My cousin (who lives in Washington) was down for Blake's wedding, so her daughter,Brooklyn, and Cayden got to play together in the Corvallis fountains and at Paddington's Pizza last Saturday.
 Don't forget about baby cousin Blake! This is him sleeping at our softball games on Saturday morning. 
 It was hot yesterday, so after we finished playing softball in Salem (we are the co-ed church league champs!), we came home and made our own waterslide with her slide and the hose. 
She just liked the hose part!
 So funny.
 Cayden is such a chatterbox! She has been trying to repeat words we say all the time now. This week, she started saying some rendition of "blueberry" (her fav), "Macie," "outside," and now does sign language for "nap!"

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