Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute faces in busy times

Life is crazy.

My husband is always busy now with college ministry at OSU, my baby has become a once-a-day napper with an attitude and I am tired, even though I'm supposed to feel more energized after my surgery.

I feel like I haven't cooked a proper meal for my family in 2 weeks because our schedules never match up to a proper dinner time.

There was a long day at the hospital with some close friends, miracles I never saw coming, and the feeling that life is only going to get busier as fall approaches.

Cayden is learning new words every day, including "nuts," "book," "bone," "pea," and I discovered that when she says "shoe," it could mean many things, including "two," "swing me," and "another one."
She's learning that she shouldn't color on the furniture or break the crayons on purpose.
We are working on potty training, but not super diligent with it - 4 poos in the toilet in two weeks.
Joe has been busy playing soccer and powering through his homework. We are debating whether or not to bring in another host student, but time will tell if everything falls into place.

Last weekend was fun because we got to hang out with some friends and see some cute little ones! On the left is Alicia and Ben's little girl, Ella and on the right is Kyle and Kari's little boy, Miller.

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