Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just another day in paradise

Every day, there is something Cayden does that just makes me melt in the madness that surrounds us. In that moment, I am so thankful, so simply happy because of an impromptu kiss or little head leaning against my cheek while she pushes buttons on the internet router. 
Yesterday, it was a beautiful September 19th, and we rushed to take daddy some bulgolgi before he had to race off to Connect Week and then we had to go pick up some garlic, but then we had nothing else to do in town. 

So….we headed to Jamba Juice for a peach perfection sans mangos and we sat outside under the sun and yellow umbrella sipping our smoothies on warm wrought iron chairs. 

After that, we walked down 9th  street, at our own pace…stopping to sit in the foreign soft green grass to find the mouse in Goodnight Moon. 
A group of five Asian college boys walked behind us for a while and then passed us up at the corner, saying, “so cute” through the cigarette smoke. 
We stopped again at the 76 to sit on the parking curb to read again, until she tipped over backwards. An old man walked by and smiled and I wondered what I would think if I were driving by and saw us, or if I would even notice. 

Next we kept toddling to the new furniture store, drawn by the window promise of a $10,000 giveaway. There were peachy Crocs that fit Cayden just right for $40 a pop, and a spinning rack of greeting cards. All Cayden cared about was the doggy card, which she pulled out and bent and threw a fit when we had to put it back. We tried out really comfy recliners, lied down on some new mattresses and met the owner, who used to run the Firehouse CafĂ© in town. If we are lucky, we will win a pair of Crocs! 

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