Monday, July 2, 2007

A California Wedding

These are pictures from my cousin Kristen's wedding last weekend in Freemont, CA. Bryan, my brother Steven and I took a road trip down there (and saw Kim on the way). All of the "Hunter" side was there and we had a great time at the wedding, and even stopped at Great America "on our way" home. The first picture is of my cousin Kristen and her soon-to-be-husband Justin.

The second picture is of my younger brother, Shane, flying through the air after Kristen's garder.

The third picture is of my cousins, Brittany, Lindsay, and Kelsey.

The fourth picture is of Kristen and one of her bridesmaids looking at the cake before the wedding,

and the fifth is of my brother Steven (the hairy one) and my cousin Blake (the bald one).

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Me said...

Aaaahahahahahahahaha. That picture of Blake and Steven is frickin' hilarious!