Monday, July 23, 2007

The bears...the bears!

So out of the last two weeks, I have worked a whopping 3 days! Now I am back at work and I don't get another non-holiday day off 'till Kim's wedding in January! (bummer). Bryan and I spent last week camping with his family at Lake Tahoe. It was great to just get away and get tan while everyone else back in Oregon got to experience the beauty of humid, cloudy days. On our week-long vacation, I got to visit the most photographed area in the world (Emerald Bay), I got to see ducks and geese on the beach, I got to see a movie about bears, and I also got to see a real mama bear and three cubs! While the mama stared us down from her sunning spot in the forrest, we heard her cubs playing in the trees nearby, so we snuck over to watch them, and to take pictures of them. Bryan was a little scared of the big bear, but she was far enough away. While we were stalking them, my flip flops were crunching so much on the ground, and I was afraid that the bear would hear me coming, so I took them off in the middle of the forrest, and kept creeping after the bears. This whole plan of being sneaky was a great idea until 30 minutes later when I couldn't remember where I left my shoes, and my feet started hurting once the adrenaline wore off. So now I am officially a bear hunter, if all the shooting is with my camera. Haha, just think....if I hadn't found my shoes, and if I hadn't gotten married, I would still be a bare (footed) Hunter!!!!!! Ok, that was a groaner, but when you see the opportunity.....
In between hikes around Emerald Bay and bear hunting, we visited Fallen Leaf Lake and Angora Lake. There was a huge fire in Tahoe this summer around Angora Lake, and we got to drive through the burn, and it was truly amazing because part of the forest fire had swept through the neighborhoods, and we could just see the foundations of some houses, while others remained untouched from the flames. It was amazing to see the power of God in nature, even if that nature can be so destructive at times. Bryan's cousin-in-law, Cody, brought his dad's Seadoo for us to play around with on the lake, and that was fun, even though all I did was watch because I don't like water very much. We had a great time playing "funky chicken," frisbee golf, real golf, Yahtzee, remote possibilities, and catch phrase.

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