Monday, May 19, 2008

I have a new sister!

My brother-in-law Jason got married last weekend to his high school sweetheart, Lauren, so I gained another sister...and now there is another Mrs. Bernard! Ha. Here are photos of the wedding...not the professional ones, just a couple of my favs I took. They are off in Hawaii now, making Bryan and I jealous. Congrats, guys!

Yes, that is milk they are pouring for the toast. Apparently, they really love the moo juice.

Sarah and David caught the bouquet and garder!

The Bros.

Me, Alica, Mal and Josh
This is my inlaws cracking up at Bryan's best man toast.

Cambria and Dan. Dan did his first wedding!


Ackerfam said...

love the pics-that wedding was so fun! Great job with the candid shots :) You looked beautiful by the way and your husband is a natural speaker/preacher. He did a great toast!

The Timmerman's said...

Good to know my sister caught the bouquet. I'll have to keep my eye on her. ;) Hope things are going well with you guys!

Dannasteiner said...

What great pics! I especially love the one of my hubby and CAmi! :) Too cute! I will have to have you email that to's my email address Your a great photographer!