Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carolyn's vacation

So Carolyn is up a Legacy Good Samaritan getting her brain observed and I am up visiting her today after work. She's doing good, but hating the hospital food. We scored some pizza, so that was good instead of her plain turkey sandwich. She just finished playing some princess game with her roommate and two other friends from Corban.
It's been a pretty productuve day, I renamed her frog DanDee - she named it Job. She also got a pink stuffed My Little Pony named Pinky Face or something disgusting like that. It came with clip-on earings and a tiara.
You can see the pink monster in the included photo. It is sitting on Carolyn's head hiding her probes (a.k.a. wires reading her brain). No I'm not in that photo, that's the way I like it. I take the photos, I'm not usually in them for good reason.
Carolyn is her same ol' self, it's good to see her laughing with her friends. One of them is dancing around right now...not sure what that is about.
I'm probably going to be heading home sometime within the hour, in my broken down chevy, which will likely overheat. Poor Macie's been home all day by herself! I get to go home and find out what she's torn apart this time. At least it was a nice day today. I love fall days like this, I could see Mt. Hood as clear as day when I was driving up to P-town today.
Thank God for days of relief like today!

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Family of 5 said...

How fun you got to go see her! :) We've been thinking and praying for her and hoping the Dr.'s will figure out what is going on! Glad she has visitors to keep her company!

I also enjoyed your comment about Macie and Cami being the same...cuzz yes puppies I'm sure are a lot of work as well as babies! ;) Especially if he is always at your ankles when you are trying to cook dinner! Or climbing up your leg! That's what Cambria does! :)