Wednesday, October 15, 2008

High School Beach retreat

For the first time ever, the Corvallis Korean Church high schoolers went on a retreat without middle schoolers! Last weekend we took nine of our high schoolers to Lincoln City and stayed in an awesome beach house with a great view of the ocean. They had a great time cooking dinner for each other, playing in the ocean (it was amazingly beautiful weather for October!), playing football, pool, and the fry pan game. The weekend was geared toward purity, and I even had to teach a session to the girls....scary! I'm definitely not gifted in that area, they can probably tell you now! We had a great time, even if half of them were worrying about the homework they had abandoned at home. Here are some photos of the weekend!
This was the 3-story house we stayed in. It was a lot of stair climbing, but just 1/4 mile from the beach!

This play is called the "Crazy Eddie" because all it entails is Eddie running like crazy away from the other team. It scored a touchdown every time.
Eddie splashing Esther as Daniel watches her run away.
Sun making a nice play to block the ball away from Jae.
Daniel and Eddie ... look at how nice the beach is!
The girls out on our front porch. I made them take a break from cooking dinner for the guys to catch this awesome sunset!
Sun taking Yul out.
Veronica and Esther in the waves.
Jessica cutting the onions for our salad. The girls made ravioli lasgna, and wrote encouragement cards for each of the guys on Saturday night.
The boys working on their spaghetti dinner for the girls Friday night. The boys set up the table with candles and even pulled the chairs out for the girls. The girls were quite impressed, and very worried that their dinner the following night might not live up to the standard the guys had set.
Daniel's birthday was the week before, so, for dessert, the girls surprised him and the rest of the guys with a birthday cake. This is me helping Jessica think of ideas for her essay on "The Kite Runner." These kids never stop stressing about their homework!
This raccoon decided to pay me a visit when I took the garbage out Saturday night. He was climbing all over the porch and about to pounce on me as I take this photo. Luckily, I made it out alive.
They look like Jack-o-lanterns, don't they?

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Family of 5 said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I remember when Dan and I went along to your and Bryan's senior retreat and I was so nervous because I didn't know you guys really and you totally accepted me! It was so much fun! I miss you guys! :0 Your doing great with those kids!