Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The little band geek

So by brother has decided to follow in the Bryan's footsteps and play in the Sprague High School marching band. Last weeked (Oct. 25), we went to the competition at OSU, where they took eighth overall, and first in their class. They also won High General Effect or something like that, which is good. The weather cooperated (besides a little wind), and they played a great show. Shane even had the big solo in the second movement (ballad). He playes the baritone. He did really great, and I got to be right on the field with my press pass. He didn't see me while I was down there paparaziing him, which is good because it might have made him nervous. I think he was nervous enough being on the big screen at Reser Stadium (he is a big Beaver fan) during his solo. One of the things Shane was famous for in this show was his jiving ability. This is him jiving...that's Derek Jones on his right.It was a fun time with my family, and then afterwards, Bryan worked the OSU volleyball game vs. Arizona. OSU got clobbered, so it wasn't much fun to watch, but oh well.

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