Saturday, December 13, 2008

Koreans and puppies!

This weekend we are having four of our high school students over to spend the weekend with us!
Since we aren't super interesting, and poor, our activities revolve around free things our families can provide. So far we have been to my parents' house to see the puppies...which was a big hit with the kids. Here's my mom getting some love from one of the pups.Now we are at the Bernards' house (they are in Hawaii) playing Wii. Next we will be going back to our house to eat dinner and then to the Corban basketball game. Oh the exciting lives we lead!
Daniel (below) and Veronica (above) put the pups in their hoods. The pups seemed pretty content. Jae really liked this little guy (no. 5 puppy). He stole him from Daniel's hood and then the little guy fell asleep in his arms (below).
I love this photo - notice the top puppy stomping on the one below him!

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