Sunday, December 14, 2008

Macie's first yellow snow

Hooray for "Arctic Blast!"
Macie and the kids had a great time out in the snow yesterday morning....Macie even had the chance to make her first yellow snow. She still hasn't quite figured out how to run on the slippery stuff, but now she loves running around in it so much that she won't come inside when we call her.
This is her being sad that we are leaving her to go to church.Jae made a snowman yesterday morning and Daniel is trying to eat its head. This is us trying to get Macie to sit nicely for a family picture, but she would never face the camera. We are bribing her with cheese.


Ackerfam said...

I remember our dog's first snow experience. He wasn't sure at first, but once he realized the greatness of it, he was galloping around like a crazy horse dog! The pic. of you and Brian is great!

Family of 5 said...

What fun times with your "child" :) It's like getting a kid to look at teh camera like your dog..that's what you can look forward to with having kids! :)