Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas break recap

I've been so busy at work over the past week, and with the holidays and loosing power, we haven't been home a lot, so I guess those are my excuses for not blogging.
While my blogging stopped, life did not. Over the past couple of weeks, we endured a ice/snow storm, lost power for 3 and a half days, Bryan and I celebrated our third Christmas being married, Macie had her first Christmas (with a huge bone from Bryan's parents and a stocking from my bro) and we went on a weekend retreat with the Bernard family.
I got a new laptop for Christmas from my wonderful husband, but unfortunately, the internet doesn't work well enough out at our house for me to put photos up. I will put photos up tomorrow of the ice storm, snow, and the weekend at the beach. Macie loved the snow. She was constantly chasing (and eating) snowballs Bryan would throw for her. The only part she didn't like was being left out in the cold when we had to go somewhere.
Our house was slammed by the storm, as seen in the photos below of our drive in.
These are only two of the hundreds of trees that fell completely or lost limbs around our house. Through the night we could hear trees crashing all around us and when we woke up the next morning, this was the scene. Driving through the campground, we saw multiple campers and cabins hit by trees and branches.
As I mentioned before, our power was knocked out and so we camped out at Bryan's parents' house for three nights. For Christmas, Bryan and I visited 5 different houses, saw lots of family and ate plenty of food. I had to work the day after Christmas (which was officially my one-year anniversary at the paper) and then we took off for the coast when I got home. We met up with Bryan's family there, and had a very relaxing weekend mainly filled with playing games, sleeping and eating. This is everyone playing our new favorite game: Quirkle. This is Jason playing ping pong against Bryan. We played a lot of ping pong, although I only managed to beat Bryan twice. He was teaching me how to put top spin on the ball. We did actually visit the beach (Newport) even though it was incredible stormy most of the time were there. It was very cold, if you can't tell from our multiple layers. Taavi loved the beach, and Bryan's grandma loved giving him a bath after this too.,. Bryan's cousin David (below) decided he would take his bath at the beach! He was trying to jump over, but didn't make it too far. I made it. Bryan is really good at jumping. Taylor was almost really good. Now she had wet shoes.

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Family of 5 said...

Looks like you had a good Christmas and break with the fam! Love the pics from the coast...especially with the cute dog in the water!

And what a bummer the weather damage is ! Thankfully you two weren't hurt! Oh and Macie too of course!