Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burning through the homework

Here at the Bernard house, we have two very opposite children. One is a 12-year-old boy (Minsu) who plays video games in his room literally ALL day (taking breaks when I yell, "Dinner Time!!"). The second child is a 17-year-old girl (Lauren) who likes to socialize, but forces herself to do homework in her room all day when she's not at her SAT tutor.
Today after church, Lauren went over to her guardian's house, to wait for her tutor. Always the student, she had her homework out studying away, while she warmed herself near the fireplace. She noticed that the fire was going out, so she reached over to stoke it with some scraps of paper. With the flames reignited, Lauren turned back to her homework. Flipping through her worksheets and papers, she couldn't find one sheet she needed. All to soon, yet all too late, Lauren was mortified to look past her stack of papers, into the fire, where she could see her homework sheet curling in flames. In short bursts of high-pitched screams (I know these well from her run-ins with bugs), Lauren attempted to pull the flaming sheet out, but it was a lost cause. I'm glad she can laugh at herself about it....and I'm glad she's letting me post the story, because I find it quite entertaining to picture this scene with Lauren's shrill screams watching her homework turn to ashes.

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