Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tulip kisses

Last Friday, Alicia, Kari, Isla, Minsu and I went up to Woodburn to do some tulip sniffing and outlet perusing. We managed to go on a beautiful day with and the flowers welcomed Isla's ready nose. When we first arrived, she was on sensory overload...smelling every flower she turned to.
Oh how we love the cheesy, squinty Kyle-esque smile.
Minsu can be helpful now and again....he told me later that he is going to miss Isla when he goes home in June.
My favorite flower of the day....look for these next spring in front of our new house!!
Our attempt at a posed photo. Isla was more photogenic in the candids, but Kari is beautiful!
No, she didn't pick the flower, I promise! It was broken on the ground, and she held onto it the rest of the afternoon.
A little B & W in a storm of color.
Minsu's handiwork at the Nikon helm. Nice work getting Isla's attention!
Minsu was camera shy, but I made him pick his favorite flower to take a photo by.
THE END.....I used my new Photoshop Lightroom program to edit these photos.....what do you think? I got it from Bryan on my bday and am still learning how to use it.

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Family of 5 said...

Beautiful! What fun pics! Isla is a doll too!
Hmmm...maybe I should have you come take some pics of our kiddos! :)