Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Celebrating salvation....Happy Easter!

With Easter last Sunday, we at Corvallis Korean Church had a special baptism service - 10 people got dunked! We knew a bunch of the people too, including those pictured below....
This first one is of Super. Super and his wife Jane came to the U.S. in August, from China. They are both new Christians and ended up at our church because of some friends they had in China that have a connection to Bryan. They actually came to the U.S. with no plan of a place to live, and they stayed in our guest bedroom their first night here! Quite the adventure! They now live in a rental pastor found for them in Corvallis, and Super goes to school at OSU. Jane works as a middle school helper in 180 and is actually going on the mission trip with us this summer!
Next is Eddie, a high school junior, who has been attending CKC for over three years. He just recently decided to turn his life over to Christ. He was a handful for us in the beginning years, so the change is definitely miraculous. He was pretty emotional at his baptism. Next was San, another high school junior, who was one of the 12 kids there on the first Sunday Bryan spoke in 2006. He has been on two mission trips with us, and is a solid member of 180. Unfortunately, he and his brother Sam will be moving to New York this summer because of their father's job relocation. We are really going to miss these boys.
This is Soo Min, a junior at Santiam Christian, who has been around from the start too. When we first met Soo Min, she was super shy and didn't like speaking English too much. Now, she is really outgoing, and more involved in the college group than 180, but we still see her a lot because she plays softball on Lauren's team.
Bryan had the opportunity to baptize his first non-Korean, Andre. Andre has been coming to 180 with Daniel for the past two months, including BreakAway. He accepted Christ a few years ago, when he learned about him from a coach, but CKC is his first consistent church family, and we are happy to have him.
Andy's little sister, Joy, also got baptized. She was the first little kid at the church who wasn't scared of us when we started here. She was four years old then.
This is Sam, San's younger brother, who is in the eighth grade. We are going to miss them so much!
Lastly, was Joseph Jo, one of our new sixth graders. He is a percussion prodigy, and plays set in our worship team on Sunday mornings. I also tutor him twice a week in English.

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