Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So I think I have the most boring pregnancy ever.
I guess that's a good surprises since the whole calcification drama in October/November and not much discomfort besides sleeping. Moms around the Willamette Valley reading this probably want to smack me because I'm complaining that I have nothing to complain about....maybe they are right.
Went to the weekly drs appointment today, all is tummy is measuring at 37 cm...normal is 39, but no one is concerned. I'm dialated a whole 1.5 cm and 50% effaced. Dr. Lee said the "baby is low" which is a good thing I'm guessing. I gained a little over a pound this week...I'm now at 148.9 lbs. My dad informed me yesterday that he only weighs 18 pounds more than me. What a guy. A way-too-skinny-to-be-a-grandpa guy.
Big snow storm is coming, so I hope I don't get stuck somewhere when this baby comes!
Doctor predicts the baby's arrival at our due date, what a shocker....but she says I shouldn't be late, and I shouldn't need inducing, but we will see. I doubt she ever puts money down on anything like this, because it's all just guessing from where I sit.
Gotta go meet the pediatrician now!


Family of 5 said...

Boring! The most boring post I've ever read! j/k!! So many things you have to be thankful for!! We are excited for you guys!

Evan Brammer | Losing the World said...

Wouldn't it be funny if doctor's were required to make a bet with you about the due date. Within a two-day window, they win and you pay full price. Miss it, they lose and you get half off!

I bet the birth rate would increase.

Joshua and Mallory said...

Well, I do have to say...I never peed my pants like SOMEONE I know while I was pregnant so maybe it wasn't boring after all ;) I can't wait to hear that you are in labor...praying for a BORING labor for you! Hurry up baby girl, I am dying to know your name!