Monday, February 14, 2011

The last babyless V-Day

After eight Valentine's Days together, we have discovered the secret to an inexpensive Valentine's Day...celebrate a day early, before the restaurants can jack up the prices! Bryan and I did just that last night, when we hit up McMennemins in Lincoln City. We stayed at the WorldMark in Gleneden last night, and then enjoyed a rainy day at the coast, including breakfast at the Sea Hag (Depoe Bay) ...a first for us both.
Bryan hates it when I take his picture. Especially in restaurants. Too bad, baby.
This is my mountain of french toast complete with strawberries and way too much whipped cream.
Also this weekend (on Saturday), we got the chance to get maternity photos taken....just hours before this monster storm rolled in (as evident in the photos, where my hair is going crazy from the wind). Photos can be seen here....on Betsey Jaskilka's blog...
Also, Lauren went to Sadie Hawkins at her school. Before everyone got there, I got a quick pic of her all dressed up with her host dad. Friends Heather & Clemens and Tyler & Lauren (he brought her flowers!). By the way, the theme was Beauty and the Geek...if you couldn't tell. They had a great time, eating dinner and playing games at school and then a photo scavenger hunt and Shari's afterwards, then a friend's house for games and a movie. That girl has a busy weekend!

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Jamie said...

Charissa! I just looked through all your maternity photos! I love them.