Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eleven Days

11 days.
In roughly that amount of time, my life will change forever. It is hard to fathom, really, hard to prepare. There are only so many books you can read, so much advice you can absorb, but I don't think anything is really preparing me to all of a sudden be responsible for a little person.
Yet, I'm getting impatient.
I should be savoring these last days of independence, but the hours are being consumed with thoughts about WHEN WILL SHE COME? Last night, Bryan swore she was coming...while we were sleeping in bunk beds up in the mountains near Fall City. Tonight, he said the same thing. It feels like it could happen any second, even though I have no idea what it feels like before you go into labor...
Bryan and I spent this past weekend up at Camp Tapawingo, where Bryan was speaking for the MidHigh Cause winter retreat. I had a good time, watching Shane, Jason and Lauren working with the kids, and of course listening to Bryan speak 4 times. I basically sat around and ate good old camp food and marveled at how big the kids at church have gotten.
This is a really rambling post. My bad.
Buh bye.

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