Friday, May 20, 2011

Enjoying the sunshine!

This last week has been rough, sleepwise....Cayden was waking up at night every 2-3 hours and I was pretty exhausted. Yesterday, though, after lots of sunshine, friends and softball, she slept for basically 9 hours...3 of which were at the softball game and car ride, but 6 of which were while we were sleeping! Praise the Lord! Like I mentioned, we watched Bryan's softball games last Cayden is all bundled up. She didn't stay in there for long....too many aunties and grandparents to hold her! Before the game, we had BBQ dinner with the Lutes. Here is Cayden in their backyard with Lauren...

And Kylie. These girls were rockin the plaid.

And Isla....look at the three of them....Cayden is growing because she doesn't look soooo shrimpy compared to the last time we took this photo when she was a week old.

And here's Cayden smiling at Isla.

And yes, I'm still setting her up for photo shoots....poor baby! Bryan wants her to play volleyball. I just don't see that happening.

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Lois said...

That soccer picture fits her so well!! She's definitely a soccer girl.