Saturday, May 14, 2011

Very superstitious...

Friday the 13th had it in for Macie this year. It was a beautiful day, so we strapped Cayden to Bryan's chest and set out for Macie's secret running grounds (about 1.5 miles from our house). On our way, there weren't a lot of dogs out to bark at Macie, but she did spy a black cat....we should have known we'd run into bad luck then!
We got there, and, as usual, threw sticks for Macie so she would get a good workout. We were about to leave, trying to get Macie good and tired, when she ran after one stick and when she reached it, she stopped and looked up at us with a mouthful of blood. While racing after the stick face first, she had jabbed the stick into the back of her mouth and was bleeding like crazy. Blood just pouring was scary. Bryan went to look at her, and we were worried she'd torn a hole in her throat or something. We couldn't tell exactly where she was bleeding from, but it was in her mouth, and she was losing a ton of blood. I was holding the baby when Bryan handed me the dog's leash and took off running for home. I was quite a sight standing there in a deserted field, holding a fussy baby and a dog leaving bloody puddles wherever she idled, including on my shoes and pant legs. Then, the baby got hungry. Luckily, I had brought a bottle, so I stood on Macie's leash and fed the baby while Bryan ran down the road. Because he's so smart, Bryan called Sun after running for a couple of minutes. She was already driving into town, but she turned around to come and get us. To make a long story short, we took Macie to the animal hospital where the vet found a small puncture in her soft palette. She is now on anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. She stopped bleeding (finally), but continued to have bloody drool. Seriously, this picture is nothing compared to the gushing blood that was going on when I didn't have the camera.
So Macie will live to see another day. She was back to her chipper self this morning, dutifully barking at the neighbors.

On a different note, here's a funny picture of Cayden after her shots earlier this week. One night we looked over at her and she's snoozing away, holding tightly to one of her bandaids she had ripped off. She's been talking a lot more, and very smiley in the mornings.I took her outside for pictures for the first time on Thursday. Pretty sure the neighbors thought I was a weirdo. I really need a back yard with a fence so I can paparazzi my baby in secret. Cayden didn't really like the brightness that is sunny weather.She kept rolling over into the grass.

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Joshua and Mallory said...

#1 OH MY WORD I'm so glad Macie is ok!

#2 I am now having dreams of playing with Cayden...the only fix to this is for me to actually get to see her in real life.

#3 My neighbors think I'm crazy too! I am always doing photo shoots in the yard. Poor neighbors, I'm always scaring them :)

#4 We need to all hang out! Maybe Josh and I will host a game night or something cause this is ridiculous.