Thursday, July 7, 2011

4 months and the 4th of July

Since Cayden's 4 month appointment is next Monday, we don't have her stats yet, but we can still celebrate the milestones! This month has been a fun one, with Cayden learning how to hold her own bottle, rolling over from her back to her tummy, grabing and playing with toys and eating 5 ounces or more every 3-4 hours.

She also got to meet my college roommates...Kim and Haley! And celebrated her first Fourth of July!We spent the 4th over at the Lutes at a BBQ with the Selanders, Crains and Melissa. We enjoyed some good char burgers (check out that flame!), played badminton, Koob and the kids enjoyed the sprinklers!Cayden took a nice nap on Isla's was pretty hot, so we didn't wrap her up and she got very comfortable.And of course there had to be fireworks! Isla did not appreciate the loud noises...But Cayden slept through the whole thing!

The crew! We decided to make this a yearly tradition, since we get togther for New Years, now we will be together at least twice a year!

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