Sunday, July 3, 2011

A week with Grandma Hunter

While Bryan was gone, we went to visit my mom, so she got to spend lots of time with her granddaughter. Here are some cute pics I took of Cayden before we left our house. Her eyes look so blue in these pictures!

There was so many new sounds and things to see at Grandma's...including the chickens, and the rooster that crowed every morning at 5 am!Cayden got to work on her crawling....still not doing it yet, but the tummy time is good practice.And she practiced her standing too! We both look like we are half asleep in this picture, but if you will notice the wet spot on my pants, no I didn't pee my pants, but Cayden did! After changing her diaper, I was letting her air out and had her on my lap and all of a sudden, I was very warm!

We also got to visit with the Lutes on Thursday.....we love them! Here is Kari and the girls (Isla and Kylie).Then we went to watch the boys play softball....they won one and lost one, and it was beautiful weather....a little breezy, but not bad. Here's Cayden (looking very Jabba-ish) with Lauren, Carrie and Erin Stokes.Grandma kisses.My aunt Diana (from California) got to meet Cayden for the first time too this week! She's the one who made Cayden's favorite sleeping blanket that you see in all the pictures! Cayden got to spend some time with Aunt Lauren, Uncle Jason and Aunt Carrie this week too. They watched her when we (my mom, two grandmas, two aunts, two cousins and one cousin-in-law) went to see Mary Poppins at Keller Auditorium in Portland. The show was amazing and it was a great time....thanks, Corban for the $26, great tickets!

This picture below was taken when Cayden was getting babysat by Lauren on Tuesday when I worked....I think it's funny because she looks just like....A cute E.T.! I couldn't find any full body shots of E.T. but I think her little stubby legs tucked up in her jacket bear a remarkable resemblance.
While I was searching for the E.T. picture, I ran across this one....and had to laugh. I had to put it up on here for all of my Korean blog readers!Cayden also got to experience grass for the first time! My mom said she is well-adjusted because she didn't even think it was that weird.And because I love taking pictures of my baby....And of my mommy and my baby....Here is Cayden's new chair at Grandma's just straps her in there....and we were tempting her with a strawberry milkshake. She really wanted it....but the cow milk would not have been good for her. Poor baby. I drank it instead.

So that was our last 11 days! We are so glad to have daddy back now (they got back this afternoon). Thank you Lord for a safe trip!

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Family of 5 said...

Ohhh...she's such a cutie!! Love all the new pics!!