Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wedding Bells

So.....I've been off the radar for the past two weeks, due to the fact that I was staying with my mom in Salem while my dad and Bryan were on the mission trips in AZ, and my parents have dial up no blogging. But I'm so glad to be back! First order of business is a wedding! My friends Samantha and Guy tied the knot and here are a few photos from the wedding. Melissa finally got to meet Cayden!The beautiful bride and her dadGiving the bride away.Melissa really appreciated the cream filled cupcakes.Friends since middle school...(left to right) Cindra (Maid of honor), Mallory, me, Sam, Melissa and Jamie. Samantha, Jamie and I were in the same 5th grade class and Melissa, Sam and I used to call ourselves "The Three Stooges" in middle school......and now we are all grown up! Melissa and Sam Poor Melissa....I don't dance and so she had to dance with my crazy brother and his friends....oh boy....It was a beautiful, wonderful time and I'm so happy for the Cappiccies!

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