Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our crazy life.

As many of you know, we host Korean students at our home. Our host daughter Lauren has lived with us over the past 2 years (during school) and we've had Sun and Minsu live with us as well within that time. Sun moved out a few months ago, so we have an open room for the time being.

That is what we thought anyway.

Last Wednesday, we took a trip over to Central Oregon to visit Bryan's aunt and uncle (Lauren is good friends with their daughter Taylor). I will have plenty of pictures documenting this trip later, but I'm trying to ficus on this current story. We had to come back to Corvallis Friday morning because we were having an end of summer BBQ for the youth group kids at our house later that day. On the way home, Bryan got a call from a weird number. He doesn't answer his phone when he doesn't know the caller, so he got a voicemail from a Korean dad looking for a host family for his son. Bryan figured he would call back later, after we had gotten home, so we didn't really think much of it.

Time: 12:45 pm.

We got home and Bryan had to go help one of our youth group kids move out of his house, so I set to cleaning the house up for the BBQ. My mom showed up to drop off our dog, Macie, (she had watched her while we were gone), and she stuck around to help watch Cayden while I cleaned.

Halfway through cleaning, Bryan called and needed me to come into town to pick up a lawn mower that wouldn't fit in his small car. Making sure my mom was ok staying with Cayden (and Lauren upstairs), I took off to pick up the lawn mower.

Time: 3:00 pm.

I picked up the lawn mower, and headed back home. I pull up to my house, but can't pull in the driveway because there is a black Kia parallel parked in front of our driveway. Strange, I thought, managing to maneuver around the car and into the driveway. Even stranger, I opened the door to my house to find a Korean family of three in my house!

Apparently this family that had called us (only 3 hours ago!) could not wait for a call back and HAD to see our house! They showed up and my mom was so confused! She called Lauren down to talk with them (even though they speak really good English) and that's when I showed up.
So I have my house half cleaned for a BBQ that is supposed to commence in T-minus 1.5 hours and a family wanting to interview me for the job of taking care of their 8th grade son, Joe, for the next year and a half.

Oh the crazy life we live.

I gave them a tour (kind of pathetic because nothing was really ready for anyone to see!), and talked with them about their plans. Thankfully, Lauren talked with them in Korean for quite a while too, which allowed me to get a few things done around the house, but I really wanted to vacuum, but figured that might be pushing it. I told them about the BBQ and how a bunch of kids would be coming over, and invited them to come and meet the kids. They were happy to do so, but needed to go buy a calculator for Joe.

Time: 4:00 pm

The parents decided to take off for Freddy's, leaving Joe with us! Can you believe that? They just left their kid with strangers they just met less than an hour before! While they were gone, Cayden got hungry. I was so busy, and my mom (LIFESAVER) was cleaning and slicing veggies for the hamburgers, and so guess who got a crash course on feeding a baby? Yep, Joe. He sat there on the couch like a trooper feeding Cayden as I vacuumed! He even lifted up his feet for me to vacuum underneath! He's a keeper!

Eventually, the kids showed up and he fit right in, playing Wii Sports, Kubb and ultimate croquet. His parents showed back up halfway through the BBQ, bearing two Watermelons and a graphing calculator. They stuck around and we talked a lot, and they mainly enjoyed watching their shy son become one of the group.

And just like that, we no longer have an open room. Joe moves in on Tuesday, starts school on Thursday and his parents leave for Korea on Saturday. Quite the change for us, but even more changes of that 8th grade boy. We are excited for our new family member to join us!

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