Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Randomness and a first tooth!

 On Sept. 9 Cayden's first tooth made itself known. My mom was feeling around on her gums (this is a normal thing for her), and she found the sharp little bugger! There is no denying we are teething because this kid is an emotional basketcase right now! She will be playing one second, randomly start crying and then be fine in 2 seconds. Oh boy, can't wait for the teenage years!
Cayden and Carrie

I was riding in the car and I looked back to notice this beady little eye staring at me. Cayden just realized she can see me if she really tries. She was quite enthralled. Don't worry, I wasn't driving when I took this photo. I did pull over in a wheat field to take it though.

Grandparents got sent this photo on Sunday....I bet everyone reading this is feeling bad because they forgot to say happy grandparents day to their gparents....don't feel too bad, I might have forgotten about my grandparents too...but Cayden didn't!

Jilynne learned how to change a diaper...finally!

Joe has a very nice family with 2 older children (26 and 23) and baby Joe (14). Joe will be living with us for at least the next 2 years (minus the summers) and we are happy to have him. We are trying to teach Cayden how to say Joe-Oppa (older brother in Korean). She loves Joe, and he loves her too. He comes down to play with her for a few minutes every day and always helps carry her carseat in from the car.  
This is Joe's family (and Cayden).

Joe's mom with Cayden.

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