Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 month stats

Weight: 18 pounds, 15 ounces (54th percentile)
Height: 28 1/8 inches (49th percentile)
 Head: 18 1/4 inches (91st percentile)
 Cayden is MOBILE! She loves to chew on paper and computer cords and all things dangly and zippery. She has 4 teeth (two on top and two on bottom) and has started to bite my shoulder sometimes. She understands tone of voice because when I unlatch her and say "no biting," she cries like she knows she was bad. She is very mischievous, when we say "Cayden, no, no," she usually books it faster toward the "no no." She loves to climb the stairs, but usually only gets up one, then we take her down and put up the gate. When we take something away, she cries big tears for about 10 seconds, then moves on.
 When she sees someone she knows, she now gives an open mouth smile, usually sticking her tongue out at the same time. She's pretty good at smiling on cue but really bad at staying in one place for pictures! Her hair is crazy and growing out of control, so we resort to pig tails because barrettes are always falling out. Cayden had to stop breastfeeding this past month because of medication I needed to take, and she still doesn't love drinking formula all the time, but we are working on it.
Mostly she just loves eating, whether it's baby food, oatmeal, bananas, grapes, graham crackers, string cheese or bread. She does not like avocados or yellow cheese. She is wearing 12-month-old clothes, and some of those are even too small (as seen above). Her little belly likes to poke out when she's not wearing onesies underneath. This month people have told me she looks like my mother-in-law, like my little brother, like my sister-in-law, like my husband, and like I'd say she is a good mix of all of our genes. She's definitely a Cayden and we love her so much.

She is sleeping about 12 hours a night, and taking 2-3 naps as well. She is a light sleeper, waking up with the kids in the morning when she hears the shower (so we relish the weekends especially when everyone sleeps til 9:30). She's obviously growing, but when she is awake, she's usually in a great mood.  

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