Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waterbabies FINALLY

So last September/October, Cayden and I participated in a Waterbabies at the pool in Corvallis. When the class ended in October, they took underwater pictures of our babies, and I promptly paid the $2 and ordered one. They were supposed to email the photo within 2 weeks.....really? It takes 2 weeks to email a digital photo? So I waited. And never got the photo. By the end of November, I called the aquatic center, but there is apparently only one guy who can send the photos, and he only works Mondays. So then I promptly forgot every time Monday comes around. So I finally went in to the pool this past Monday and talked to them, and they were surprisingly helpful for the first time! They found my order form and apologized and said they would email me the photo. This is the photo that came to my email...
For many obvious reasons, this is not me or my baby. FAIL. So I emailed them back, with a picture of Cayden and asked if they could send a picture of my baby. She promptly sent me 3 pictures of Cayden (YAY!), two of which are shown below!

Isn't she so cute underwater? Apparently she doesn't know how to close her mouth.

This is her going underwater....

She did not love being dunked, but she never cried either. She did like the water, probably because it was nice and warm!
She's smiling!

Anyway, three months late, but better late than never!

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