Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Give and Take

Today I felt productive.

When Cayden sleeps basically uninterrupted until 11:30 a.m., I find myself with LOTS of time, but usually I just waste that time playing Lexulous on Facebook, reading my friend of a friend of a friend's blog, or catching up on "Army Wives" on Netflix.

Instead, today I cleaned the house (the downstairs at least), including sweeping and vacuuming, cleaned up Cayden's room (I always pile her clean clothes on the floor after folding them because I am lazy. Today I tackled the pile.), hosted a quick lunch for some hungry high schoolers, got the furnace checked out by a professional (it only took a month of no heat), went grocery shopping, Asia Market shopping, bought new wipers for my car, and went to Home Depot for a new furnace filter (all with baby in tow). It was a good day of checking off things on my list.

I know this is super not interesting, but it's  my blog, so I don't really care. I just wanted to record that I do have the capability of not being lazy, as a note to myself.

On another note, yesterday we were so excited to finally receive a $484.88 reimbursement check from the hospital because we overpaid one of Cayden's bills due to an insurance error. I discovered this error a couple of months ago after hours and hours of tedious digging through EOBs and bills and unending back and forth between the hospital and the insurance company. I had the check signed and in my wallet, ready for deposit today when the furnace guy leans against my door jam and tells me I need a new circuit board.

 Price tag? $415.

As I'm handing over my Mastercard for the $79 diagnostic fee (not included in the $415), I'm doing the math. We came into today $484.88 richer, but we end it $9.12 in the hole.

Sometimes God gives and takes very quickly; sometimes so quickly we don't even take the time to thank Him for the GIVE and just jump to grieving the TAKE.

 But today, I am thankful. We're getting the furnace fixed for nine dollars and twelve cents. Not bad.

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