Friday, March 23, 2012

Driving away

Here I sit.

Quiet house.

No baby, no Koreans, no husband.

Just me and God.

Out of the past 382 days, I have spent a total of 1 night away from my baby, and never more than 24 hours.
I have held her little sniffling frame in the dead of night, and fallen asleep with her lying on my chest.
I have loved her more than life -- she is the best thing I've ever done.

 And today, I drove away from her; leaving her for what seems like an eternity,
but is really only 9 days. It was a good thing Bryan was driving, because, yes I cried.
I knew she would be fine, I just miss her already.

I'm never home alone.
I'm always home with Cayden.

Sometimes I complain about that -- being "stuck" at home while other fun things are happening. Then I remember, these are the days I will never get back with her.

Sometimes God calls us to rely fully on him....actually, he always calls us to rely fully on him. 
Sometimes we actually DO IT. 
The world is so much bigger than my little home and my little baby.
The world is full of people's babies, who need to hear about the love of Jesus.
That is why I must leave my baby for a meager 9 days. 
Because there are more important things in life than my baby.
 -- and that's not an easy thing to say -- 

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