Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I know it's been a while...

So plenty of things have happened to blog about, but time has been short.
Last week we had an extended game night with intramural bball games after the normal game night.
On of the funniest things ever at game night was watching Isla try to roll over. I know that doesn't really sound funny, but if you could have seen her, it was! she would get so close and be kicking her little legs, but would just get stuck. Below you can see her superman pose. The boys won their first intramural game, and then the team they were supposed to play in the second game didn't show, so they won the forfeit! Andy came and played, and Anna and Noah came along too. It was fun to see them - Noah is getting so big! Here is a photo of him and his blue eyes! Fast forward to Saturday.....Valentine's Day. Bryan and I ran some errands in the morning and afternoon, and then took Macie with us out to the Cabin to relax a bit. Macie loved the creek, and all night she just wanted to go outside and play! We built an awesome fire and watched a few home videos (of me when I was six) that I found, and then we watched Hoosiers because Bryan had never seen it!! It was a very relaxing night. The next day we drove straight to church and had to leave Macie in the car during church. She was sad, but we came out and visited her a lot...so don't worry, no dog abuse here!

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