Friday, February 6, 2009

Melissa's birthday

Last night around 6:15, I was sitting on my couch with Macie sleeping next to me, playing solitare on my computer. I was watching friends, the one where Phoebe has the triplets and wants to steal one. All of a sudden, the screen zaps black and all my lights go out, except my laptop, because it has a battery. Macie wakes up and doesn't understand why it's so dark and I didn't get it because it wasn't even stormy! It was raining a little, but that's all. I don't know what people did before cell phones....I called my aunt and uncle's house up the road, and the phone just kept ringing and ringing, meaning their power was out too.
I called my aunt's cell phone and she was at Jackson's basketball game. The rest of the kids were at home she said, and they had already called her.
Since I didn't have a phone book at my house, I packed up Macie and drove up the hill to their house, where they were already breaking out the lamps and flashlights. I used their phone book to call PGE, and then I took off to Melissa's house (a little late) for her bday party/game night.

We were going to play bunco at Melissa's, but we only ended up with seven people, so we played a few different games, including Sequence, Apples to Apples and the question game. People there: Me, Melissa, Alicia, Ben, Mallory and two of Melissa's George Fox friends, Shannon and Kelsey. We had a great time eating way too much candy, Melissa kept playing footsie with me "on accident" and Ben had a great time being the only guy (he got a prize for that, so he was happy). I hung around there talking until around 10:15 and then headed home.

I pulled in to Thrill-Ville, and drove through the KOA, only to be road-blocked by three huge PGE trucks. I stopped to see if they had found (and fixed) the problem, and they said, yes, they had - I guess the phantom wind had blown down a transformer, so they just finished fixing it. Apparently it took a lot of people to do this, or else it was a slow night and the guys all came! Either way, the power had been back on for about 30 minutes when I get home, and I'm glad I was able to see my way around again, and use my alarm clock this morning!
It got me thinking how grateful I was that someone would come out and fix my power (there were only about 5 houses without power) in the rain, while I'm out at a party with my friends. I guess we pay for this service through our monthly electricity bills, but I am grateful for those people's work just so I would be able to take a hot shower in the morning, or brush my teeth without a flashlight.

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