Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 4 - Magic Kingdom

Today was Magic Kingdom! Here we are representing our Alma mater.
Later, I put Bryan in stocks. He was not happy about this.
We got there pretty close to the opening, and so we headed to Splash Mountain first, figuring that it would be busy the rest of the day. We walked right on, probably because most people were too cold to ride it. This is the photo from our first drop. I had fun, Bryan seems scared again...
This is the photo from our second drop, which we also walked right onto later in the afternoon. It was still a bit cloudy and cold, and no one was riding, so we went back to take a photo in honor of the Koreans! After this plunge, we finished the ride, and were about to get unloaded, but they wouldn't let us out. Apparently, the ride broke down, so we were stranded there for over half an hour waiting for the all clear. It sucked because we had gotten soaked on the ride, and were really cold....but eventually we got off and headed out for more fun.

We took a trip to Tom Sawyer's Island....a favorite when I was a kid. Hooray for self timers! Bryan took some shots at the people on Thunder Mountain from Tom Sawyer's Island.
I love pickles.
We walked on a cool rope bridge and I bounced around on a barrel bridge (not pictured because I was having too much fun).We also visited the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, which is based on one of our favorite movies!! This is a hammock room... Buzz Lightyear was so good we had to go twice....
And Space Mountain was fun (below), and we even tried to go again, but it broke down. Bad luck for us today!
Magic Kingdom was decked out for Christmas!

The day, although colder than desired went very well...we never waited longer than 10 minutes for any ride and we went on them all! The best was the Monster's Inc. show!

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