Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 5 & 6 - Epcot on Day 5 and back to Hollywood Studios and Blizzard Beach on day 6. So I was super tired last night, and too lazy to blog, so anyone reading this is getting a double dose today! Yesterday we went to Epcot, which we learned stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
We went on quite a few rides, never having to wait longer than 20 minutes again! We've had such good luck! We even saw Nemo, his dad Marlin and Dorri!
We also went on Mission: SPACE (below). It was awful. Bryan loved it, but the thing almost made me puke. It was a virtual reality thing that spun you all around without you realizing it. It was not fun, but I smiled for the camera anyway.
We also rode Spaceship Earth, which came with cool 3-D glasses!
They took a picture of us at the beginning of the ride, and then they put our heads on futuristic bodies for a story at the end.
Epcot also showcases different cultures, including Morocco, where they like to belly dance.
Later that night we went to Downtown Disney, where we saw awesome lego creations!
We stayed in Downtown until the last possible second. Our shuttle bus back to the hotel was leaving Epcot at 10:30 p.m., and we had to get a shuttle back to Epcot before then. The problem is there are no direct shuttles between Downtown Disney and Epcot, so we had to take a shuttle to a disney resort hotel and then hope that an Epcot shuttle would come there. Waiting outside the Pop Century Disney Hotel at 10:20 p.m., we were praying for a miracle. Finally, a bus came and we pulled into Epcot at 10:32 p.m. We coulod see our shuttle bus waiting to take off across the parking lot, and we asked the bus driver if he could just let us out where we were....he (thankfully) did and we were off to the races. We ran over the median and across the bus parking lot and made it to our bus (a bit out of breath). We jumped on, sat down and 30 seconds later, the lights went out and we were off. What a day!!
Day 6....This day wass our free day, so we decided to re-visit Hollywood Studios. The main reason we wanted to go back is because we didn't get the chance to go on Toy Story Midway Mania! The last time we were at Hollywood Studios, we tried going on the ride, but the fast passes were all distrbuted by the time and the wait was 90 minites! So due to much prodding by Kathleen, we knew that we had to go on it! Boy was she right! It was a super fun ride, and very hard to explain, but if you ever go to Hollywood Studios, it is a must do, but make sure you get there early because the fast passes go fast!
Below, we are inside the ride. The ride is a competition where you shoot things and play midway games....for the record I beat Bryan!
After Toy Story and going to a second American Idol Experience, we headed back to Blizzard Beach because it was a beautiful day and I wanted to work on my tan some more!
The weather was awesome, probably high 80s an blue sky finally!
This is one of the rides, called the Slush Gusher, and that is Bryan sliding down it!
And here is Bryan on the Snow Stormers again. We finished off our day by heading to Downtown Disney again for dinner at Planet Hollywood. Once again, we lucked out that there was no line and we got awesome seats! The food was great, and it was a great way to end our vacation. Now I am headed to bed because we have to wake up at 3:45 a.m. to head home. We are sad our stay here in the sun is over, but are excited to come home and decorate our new house for Christmas!

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The Finch's said...

I am so glad that you two went back to Toy Story Mania! I knew you two would like it and it is just right up your alley! Did you not go on it more than once? I am so proud of you two! Did you try out Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge? Did you two stay at your parents' timeshare? I am so glad that you two got to go and hang out together before it becomes a busy season of your lives for you two and the two staying with you! Andrew and I are proud you did everything we did and it brought back memories. The only thing you did differently was the Blizzard Beach! So awesome! Did you two go to the different hotels to look at them? Also, did you go back to Animal Kingdom Park? Well, sorry so many questions and thanks for updating your blog everyday! You two are looking great! =)