Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In honor of the 14-degree weather in Oregon, we went to Blizzard Beach today to enjoy the 85-degree weather here in Florida! We rode tons of waterslides, and Bryan's favorite was the tobaggan (as seen below).

They also had a wave pool that Bryan enjoyed and I enjoyed getting some color (no sun burn though!). Then there was Mt. Gushmore....where a lot of the slides went off of. In order to get up to the mountain, we first rode the ski lift (shown below), and later walked a ton of stairs to get back off (a very good workout!).
The scariest ride was Summit Plummet, which is seen below. You start out at the very top and then go into the dark on a straight 120-foot drop. I probably would have peed my pants if I wasn't flying so fast!
After Blizzard Beach, we went back to the hotel, got cleaned up and drove into downtown Orlando for dinner. We ate at Cheesecake Factory, which was absolutely awesome. Now we are stuffed and enjoying a relaxing evening. Do we have to come home?


The Finch's said...

Awesome once again! We did not do a water park when we were there so thank you for showing us pictures! I am glad that you are having a great time. Like Andrew's suggestion if you can....go to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and eat at Jiko! Best food! You two would love it!!! =)

Ben and Alicia said...

Thanks for the update. I was a little disappointed I didn't get to see what you guys did yesterday. I'm sorta living vicariously through you guys right now. Glad to see you're having fun. And, to make it better, just think when you get home you don't have to go to work! Can life get any better?!?! (Well maybe if you still lived in Salem)

Jason and Lauren Bernard said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast! Enjoy your the pictures of Bryan screaming down the waterslide. :)