Monday, November 7, 2011

8 month stats

Height: 28 inches (80th percentile)
Weight: 17 pounds, 1 ounce (40th percentile)
 Oh fall, how I love your fleeting colors.
 These next pics show Cayden wearing the sweater Great Grandma Hunter made her and the skirt Grandma Julie made her. She is also sporting some wicked poofy after-bath hair.
 This is what happens to Cayden's hair if we don't put a barrette in it.
This month, Cayden worked on swim crawling, and even pulled herself up to a standing position next to the couch (once). She is eating like crazy, anywhere from 3-6 jars of baby food each day! The last three nights I have been letting her "cry it out" to see if I can get her sleeping through the night because 8 months of no continuous sleep is KILLING me! The first night she cried for an hour straight, the second night she cried on and off for an hour, last night she let out one big cry, and I cuddled her and she went back to sleep all night! So I'm hoping tonight is the night for the marathon sleep! Time will tell.... Let's see, what else? Cayden loves to clap, sometimes as "more" and sometimes just because. She sometimes squeals when she sees someone familiar (usually Lauren or me) and still has ZERO stranger anxiety. She doesn't like being at home all day and eats when she is bored. She likes to have lots of blankets in bed with her to keep her warm (like me!) and we take Douglas everywhere. She is loving to eat cheerios and freeze dried yogurt bites, but doesn't really love avocado yet. She loves all fruit baby food, and will tolerate the meat and veggies. She is a good baby.

up for
8 months!

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