Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back together

Daddy's back!
 And he came bearing gifts! I love Cayden's new hat. She might hate wearing shoes but she loves hats!

 This was where Bryan stayed in the city of Huanmantanga, Peru (13,000 feet in Andes Mountains). They had low pressure running water for 6 hours a day, and rock hard beds, but survived!
 City streets
 Eating dinner.
 Pig head

 The whole group.
 Clearing a field so the school teacher can plant crops to feed the school children, who are very undernourished. The group bought her $500 of seed to plant and helped clear the land.
 Little one watching the older girls play volleyball.
 Bryan and a little friend.
 The view from their room.

Matching hats from Peru!

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