Saturday, November 12, 2011

A week without daddy...

To tell the truth, this week flew most other weeks in our house!
Sunday was super busy with church, Monday I can't remember - except I made an amazing dinner that Bryan would have hated and I tutored, Tuesday I worked and Bryan's parents brought dinner (thank you!), Wednesday Lauren had friends over to work on a project and I tutored.
 We did get to visit with the Bartruffs on Thursday.
 They love getting to see Cayden, and we love seeing them!
 While we were up in their neck of the woods, we went to the outlets to get some basketball shoes for Joe. Cayden wanted to try on some shoes too...we found some purple ones, but they were Kobes!
Also on Thursday, Alicia came down after work to keep me company and Kyle and Kari brought dinner (Thank you!).
Then of course, there was youth group Friday night....
 Where Cayden discovered ice. Very exciting, but very hard to hold onto!
 She also worked on crawling...pretty frustrating, but she's trying! Once she actually had her butt all the way up in the air with her legs straight, I thought she was gonna just stand up! She ended up falling back into a sitting position, but I was so surprised!
 Mostly, we just missed daddy this week.

 We will see him today, though, Lord willing!

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