Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blubbering bubbles

I usually mow our grass every Sunday or Monday.
This week, Alicia came over and mowed the back yard for me on Saturday (AMAZING!) and I was too exhausted to finish the job on Sunday. Monday = RAIN (boo). So our yard was becoming a jungle thanks to a combination of RAIN and WEED & FEED that Bryan spread a couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday Cayden was in a bad mood, so instead of listening to this .......

.....all day, I put her down for 2 long naps.
During her second one, I took the baby monitor outside with me and got to work mowing. I had to mulch it (I discovered this feature and the needed attachment inconveniently AFTER Alicia struggled through bagging my back yard) instead of bagging it because it was so long and wet, but it got done. Cayden woke up just in time for us to go pick up the kids from school.
After we got home, I wanted to rake up the grass clippings at least in the front yard, so I brought out Cayden's new bubble machine she got for her birthday from Great-Aunt Nellie. 

I didn't get much raking done, because the bubble machine was really cool and I wanted to take pics!!

 Finally some smiles on this little face! It's a rough life growing teeth and all.

Joe eventually came out to play with Cayden so I could finish the sure is nice having older kids living here because they help out with Cayden so much. Anyway, I'm just glad I got the jungle tamed because today it's back to the rain rain rain!

I wanted to also document Cayden's new words. New words include: Bubble, ball, and daddy (not just da-da).
New sign language we are working on: fishies (like goldfish crackers) and water.

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