Thursday, May 31, 2012

Quite the undertaking

We love our house, but when we moved in 2 years ago, the yard left much to be desired. 
In the summertime, it dried up (because there was no sprinkler system). 

In the fall, the weeds would green up, but we still had the eyesore of these raised beds 
and huge load of dirt in the middle of the back yard. Also, when we moved in, there was only half of a perimeter fence, so my grandparents and parents and inlaws came to help put up the fence
(you can see the newer boards below).
 Technically, there wasn't really a back yard because there was no fence separating the yards, meaning Macie did not have anywhere to run.
 So in September of last year, we finally got down to business.
My grandparents were kind enough to come and plow up our yard with their tractor....
 Here is the yard 1/2 tilled.
 After Bryce, my grandpa and Bryan took turns tilling up the yard, Jason, Steven, Shane and my dad helped rake out the weeds while Lauren, Julie and my mom and my grandma helped clean up inside my house. There were probably other people helping that I've forgotten, so "thank you" to everyone!

Next, they rented a ditch digger and dug all the ditches for the sprinkler system. Bryan then put in the whole sprinkler system by himself (it's amazing to have a handy husband!) and we then planted grass seed and let it grow over the winter. I also planted 6 trees and tulips in the fall, and then planted two more trees this spring (thanks Rhonda!).
Here is what our yard looked like in can see Bryan building the final fence.
 And then this steaming pile of beautiful hemlock bark dust got delivered yesterday morning!
 I managed to finish the front yard bark dust, but luckily this guy showed up to help me finish the back yard (most of the work). Thanks Daniel! You are a true servant. He also mowed my grass!
Man, am I glad he is back from college!
 And here's the finished product!
Back yard with garden in left hand corner...
View from the back corner...
Thank you, Lord, for a home and a yard and all the friends and family who helped it become ours.

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