Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Remembering Beth

Today, Cayden and I got the special opportunity to remember Beth with her family out at Corban.
 Carolyn, Beth's mom, told me that the family was going to be spreading some of Beth's ashes at the tree Corban dedicated to her today. I asked if Cayden and I could come, and they were happy to have us!
 For those who don't know Beth's story, see here. She was an amazing woman who changed my life and left too soon to see Cayden's, but Cayden Elizabeth Ann Bernard will always be a reminder of how much she meant to me. Since her death and Cayden's birth, Beth's family has become like our family too. It was an honor to be there with them today and see how much joy Beth's memory continues to bring joy (and a few tears) to their lives.
 Cayden had a great time running around the Oak Grove Amphitheater playing with Beth's sister-in-law Jeanah. Here, I like to think she is playing with Beth, because she's having so much fun batting the leaves on Beth's tree.

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