Thursday, May 17, 2012

Little green thumb

Cayden loves to help outside in the garden. While I cringe because I know that the cute little blue dress will be done for the day after we are done outside, it is worth it to see her having fun getting dirty.
 While it looks like she is being really helpful below, she is actually undoing my work, and bringing the potted flowers back to me.
 "Here, mom, you forgot this one!"
 And here's vintage Cayden, eating everything in sight....thought we were past this stage!
Today Lauren helped me put a fence around my garden. I say the fence is to keep Macie out, but that's only half the battle. Cayden also really enjoys stepping on my new spinach and broccoli plants! Maybe she already hates veggies?

In other news,

After getting poked and prodded for 4 blood tests over the past 6 months, my thyroid medication is finally working and I have been cleared for surgery by my endocrinologist! It has been quite a roller with the first test showing I was VERY hyperthyroid, the second test (after taking 1 type of thyroid medication for a couple of months) showing I was VERY hypothyroid, the third test (after switching medications for 3 weeks) showing I was ALMOST stabilized, and the fourth test (after lowering my dose for a month) showing I am stable! Praise the Lord!

I was seriously on the verge of frustration with the whole process, but it worked out, and now I have a pre-op appointment with my surgeon on May 29th and will most likely schedule a thyroidectomy 6-8 weeks after that (so....mid July if all goes well).

Please keep praying that the surgeon does his job well and that I can get in for surgery ASAP. I am ready to get rid of this pesky thyroid!  

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